Highly recommended! Keira got used to me being at home throughout the lockdown and was not happy with the new life changes in our way when things got back to normal, she suffers with separation anxiety when left alone, I was very nervous about finding someone I could trust and how Keira would handle going to day care, spending time with other furbabys as they make her nervous. Im sooooooooo grateful we found Emma! In her home based environment its just perfect, Emma and her home are warm welcoming and loving, the perfect mum and home away from mum and home.

Well it’s a month later in day care and Keira is growing in confidence with every visit. Emma has truly loved and pampered her as her own and helped her get used to the others, Keira used to get anxious when I get ready in the morning now she looks forward to it because she knows she’s going to day care and she loves the love and attention from Emma and her family! Shes gained a nana with her special little bond with senior Cheshire dog lady. She’s starting to make friends, She’s even more confident on our walks to the park around other dogs. This has been so positive for me and my baby all the way. And the little pictures and updates throughout the day just melt my heart. I can’t thank Emma and her family enough.

With Cheshire dog lady you know your furbaby is in the best hands!!

1st March 2022